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Windows & Window Replacement

Windows allow the beauty of the outside world to shine into your home. They are the transition that ties the privacy of your home with its natural surroundings. Windows let in the parts of nature that you want in, like a sunny day, and keep out the Minnesota winter cold drafts .

Shoreline Builders will assist you with the window line that works best for your home. Whether it's an energy-efficient and economical vinyl window, maintenance-free composite windows, or a spectacular custom wood window that takes your breath away, we have an option that works for you. Best of all, we will help you find new or replacement windows and doors that work within your budget.

As one of the most trusted window contractors in the west metro area, Shoreline Builders offers vinyl, wood, extruded aluminum, fiberglass and custom windows.

Of course, windows are not just about beauty. They play an important role in your home's energy usage, in both summer and winter. To minimize heating and cooling costs, check your windows and doors for drafts. Replacing old windows and sealing gaps around window, doors, and other openings can increase your energy efficiency by as much as 30%!

Why should you replace your windows and doors?

  • Energy efficiency
  • Current windows and doors old or broken
  • Add value to your home
  • Non functional/ seal is broken
  • Tax benefits to changing out windows
  • safer environment
  • Newer window technology provides insulation and acts as a sound barrier

Windows & Doors

Shoreline Builders is very experienced and knowledgeable with 20 years experience in window and door replacement.

Once you have scheduled a complimentary appointment we will come to your home free of charge to access your potential needs.